…just like this one today

Alex. August 22, 2008

Alex is my husband and the love of my life.

We met in middle school through choir – he has an amazing voice! We dated for 3 years before getting married on July 16, 2005. We don’t have children yet, but we’re practicing caring for another living being with our puppy, Oscar! (We’re not sure how he feels about being an experiment.)

Alex is an Airframer doing NDI Tech in the US Navy. When we got married, he was stationed in Maine, but we now live in Maryland. I think he’s well suited to the military – he’s a great leader, but also good at taking orders and doing things that just need to get done. He’s been in the Navy

for 5 years, and going career is a strong possibility.

Alex’s family hails from Sweden. He is the first person in his family to be born in t

he US! His father, two half-brothers, and grandmother live in Sweden. He’s been there many times and even lived there for several years. I have yet to visit, but we have a trip planned for the summer of 2009. I’m excited to see the country!

In his free time, Alex enjoys playing computer games, video games, and reading. Of course he is excellent about spending time with me and Oscar, as well. :o)


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