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Layer, layer, layer! October 19, 2008

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I generally consider myself to be a pretty bad gauge of temperature, because when other people are comfortable in a room, I’m most likely freezing cold.  Alex jokes that I could live on the sun, and sometimes I feel like he’s right!  It’s great in the summer, because it’s no problem for me to cut down on my electricity usage by leaving my thermostat at 80 degrees.  But in the winter months, I really struggle!  Last year I kept the temperature at or above 77 degrees all winter long.  I was (mostly) comfortable, but this year I’m compelled to change.

I already wear sweatshirts around the house to keep warm, but this year I’m determined to keep the thermostat no higher than 74.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve got to start somewhere!  I have a feeling I’ll be spending lots of time upstairs in order to cope with this decision!  (Our first floor is easily 5 to 10 degrees colder than our upstairs, despite having all upstairs vents closed and all of the downstairs ones open!)  I’m making a conscious decision to put on an extra sweatshirt, robe, or whatever in order to keep myself warm instead of going to the thermostat!


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