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Fun at the park. September 20, 2008

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On Thursday and Friday of this week, I had the opportunity to take Jonathan and Benjamin to one of the parks near my house.  Both days were absolutely gorgeous and afforded many picture-taking opportunities!  On Thursday, the sun was much less glaring than it was on Friday, but unfortunately I had left my memory card in my computer so I didn’t get to snap many pictures!  We had a great time both days, though.

I love times when we can just play and not worry about completing work, being too loud, running too fast, or being too rough.  It’s great to let them have “boy time” and just observe how they interact with each other.  And it’s fun for me to chase them around, push them on the merry-go-round, and snap photos.  Of course I’m usually persuaded to take a video or two… these two are budding cinematographers!

I tried to get a nice, frameable picture, but of course the boys had other plans.  I don’t know how the real photographers handle sessions with children.  Though I can manage to capture a good photo with one boy, it seems to be 10 times the work to get both of them to smile, put their hands down, and not make a ridiculous face at the same time.  I took almost 90 pictures on Friday and out of the lot, one is decent enough to be called a portrait!  I keep promising myself that someday I’ll get a good picture of all three of them.  It has yet to happen!  In the meantime, I keep telling myself that the “bloopers” are precious, as well.  I have quite a few photos that capture each child’s spirit that I probably wouldn’t have if they sat still and cooperated every time I start snapping away.  In fact, some of my favorite pictures (especially of Ben) have been taken when he’s acting completely silly.  So, maybe I shouldn’t keep trying for that “perfect picture.”  Maybe I’ve already got it. ♥

(Click here or either picture for more park pictures!)


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