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AWANA! September 19, 2008

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AWANA started for the year on Tuesday the 16th!  I’m co-leading T&T this year with my dear friend Sarah and two other wonderful people (Ro & William).  I’m really excited about this year!  We had pretty good attendance the first week, but I’m hoping the class will grow throughout the year.  We had 10 girls and one poor lone boy!

I can tell that leading these kids is going to be a whole different ballgame from leading Sparks last year.  They are older and seem more prone to daydreaming.  And yet, they are more mature and are ready to ask really tough questions.  I know they will challenge me and help me to grow.  Hopefully along the way we will guide them to begin really thinking about their faith instead of accepting verbatim what others tell them.

I’m excited that we have a full year to hold Club instead of just a few months.  I feel like I’ll get to connect with my clubbers much more than I was able to last year.  Club has also been extended by 15 minutes each week.  This doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but I’m sure it will make a big difference in how much we are able to accomplish each week – particularly during Handbook Time!  I am longing to see growth in these kids as well as in myself.  Lord willing we will have a wonderful year of growth and FUN!


One Response to “AWANA!”

  1. Kenyatta Says:

    Last Wednesday was our first night of Awana. Yes we are a new club. I am a first time T&T leader(We all first timers). I am looking for ideas that keeps the kids interest. I am most concerned about our Journey & Trek clubbers.

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