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This week, in review. September 5, 2008

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I love blogging, so I’m not sure why I keep putting it off.  Actually, I take that back – it’s because I hate blogging without including photos, and I’ve been way too lazy to take or upload them this week.  But something about the morning light inspires me, and I finally ventured out today.  (Pictures right, bottom, and in About-face.)

Last weekend, one of Alex’s friends from work stayed with us.  He would’ve been stranded at his house all weekend (his vehicle-operating roommate was on vacation), so Alex offered him our guest room.  I felt bad that we’re sort of homebodys and there wasn’t much exciting to do!  We spent many hours playing Rock Band, though, and I have to say I’m becoming a better fake drummer every day.

On Saturday, our friends Cody & Phil from back home came over for dinner.  Cody goes to school in NoVA, and Phil was out visiting him over the long weekend.  We grilled out and had more food than all of us possibly could’ve eaten – despite the fact that I forgot to serve the chips and potato salad!  It was wonderful to see both of them again and re-connect with what we’re all doing these days.

Monday was a glorious, work-free day.  We went to Old Town to take advantage of some Labor Day sales.  I was particularly excited about Crate & Barrel’s advertised 70% off.  Though nothing I got actually ended up being on sale (a new toilet bowl brush, cutting board, and hamper), I was glad that I finally got to use the gift card given to us at our wedding.  Of course, a trip to Old Town wouldn’t be complete without eating at La Madeline and shopping at Ann Taylor LOFT.  Loft was having quite the sale themselves, and I got a couple of shirts for $17.  A bargain, if you ask me!  (Which you obviously did.)  Monday evening was spent with friends.  Maery Beth & Jason Turner hosted a cook-out for friends & neighbors.  I had a wonderful time relaxing, eating good food, and talking with friends!

Tuesday was spent doing catch-up from the weekend: laundry, cleaning up the first floor, ironing, and doing dishes.  We had the second fencing contractor out to give us an estimate.  Though his initial estimate was almost double the other company’s (!), he decided to match their price.  I had been hoping that one or the other would be lower, and that would make our decision for us, but no such luck!  I suspect that if we do decided to install the fence, we’ll go with the second company.  The man seemed very dedicated to his work and told me about a couple of features that his price included that his competitor’s didn’t.  We haven’t made the final decision on whether to put one in or not – it’s the price of the fence plus the price of a lawnmower.  Yet it would be so nice to have a contained backyard, with Oscar and with new job possibilities… more on that later.

Last night Bible Study was at my house.  I love hosting, but boy – it felt cramped!  Next time I think I’ll have to scoot back the couch to make room for additional dining room chairs in the living room!  Our discussion seemed more weighty and delved deeper than it normally does, at least in my opinion.  I have a burden to be transparent with these wonderful women, and last night that seemed to come to a head.  I know that personally I need more accountability and revalation of my sins.  Hopefully very soon I will have an accountability partner – someone who can really get in my face and love me to the point of hurting my feelings!  I feel somewhat like a caterpillar wanting to emerge from her coccoun, to employ an old cliche.  Nevertheless, I yearn for change in my own heart more than I have for months.  Now there’s cause for a smiley-face sticker for God!


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