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About face. September 5, 2008

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This blog is almost a week late.  (I blame the holiday weekend, having company [not that I minded at all!], and general laziness.)  I promise I’ve been doing it all week, even though I’m just now getting around to posting!

It’s time to do an about-face from using conventional face wash to one that’s more earth-friendly.  I’m going to be honest: it’s not organic.  The commissary actually doesn’t currently offer an organic face wash!  This one, however, is soap-free, colorant-free, contains no animal-derived ingredients, and is not tested on animals.  I’m not sure those could all be claimed by my former scrubbing agent, so I figure it’s at least an improvement.  Leaving out the soap and colorant is not only better for the skin, but also prevents those chemicals from being washed down the drain.  It’s amazing how much soap is put into our fresh water sources each year, and it has a profound effect on the environment.

[I bet I looked kind of silly having a photo shoot with a bottle of face wash in my backyard, but hey, my indoor lighting isn’t very good!]


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  1. […] This week, in review. September 5, 2008 Filed under: Bible Study, Daily life, Spiritual — itzforever @ 11:38 am Tags: andi, Bible Study, holiday, loft I love blogging, so I’m not sure why I keep putting it off.  Actually, I take that back – it’s because I hate blogging without including photos, and I’ve been way too lazy to take or upload them this week.  But something about the morning light inspires me, and I finally ventured out today.  (Pictures right, bottom, and in About-face.) […]

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