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Drizzle, drazzle. August 28, 2008

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Today was a rainy one.  I love taking pictures of drips & drops, splitters & splatters. (Click here or the photo to see more pictures from today.)  I left the windows open and it got downright chilly in the house – I had to put on a sweatshirt!

Alex & I would like to put in a fence in the backyard for Oscar.  Today a man came over from one of the two base-approved contractors to measure and give me an estimate.  Holy smokes, it’s way more than I thought it’d be!  I’d really like to have the fence for Oscar, but I don’t know if spending more than a thousand dollars to upgrade someone else’s property is something we should do.  If it was our own, permanent home, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Someone from the other company will be coming on Tuesday to give us his estimate, and then I guess we’ll make a decision.  A thousand dollars… that’s a lot of tour money!

Bible Study is tonight.  I look forward to Thursday evenings all week.  The women are so kind, and it’s so nice to be plugged in to a group with the same values as I have.  I always leave feeling refreshed, connected, and ready to tackle my flaws for another week.  Of all the things I know I’ll miss when we leave, it’s definitely this group of very special women.  I’m trying to not take them for granted now, but instead appreciate every gathering we’re blessed to share!


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