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Glorious end-of-summer. August 27, 2008

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Yesterday was the lovliest day we’ve had in a long time, and today is its twin sister.  The sun is happily shining, but not too intensely.  The wind is blowing a soft breeze, making my wind chimes sing.  The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and everything looks beautiful!  The only disruption is the constant sound of chainsaws – apparently it’s “cut down tree week” here on Andrews.

The tree removal really bothers me.  They’ve taken down about half of the trees in the small woodsy area behind my house.  Yesterday they took the tree in my front yard (granted I was afraid it was going to fall on my car/garage), one down the street, and one across my sideyard.  Today they’ve moved along and are taking all kinds of beautiful old oaks in our neighborhood.  I am dismayed because trees are so good for the earth, and I do so much to try to save them by recycling, etc., and here they are just chopping down tons of them!  I know they’re not paper trees, but still… I am sad.

Positives from yesterday:

  • Baked banana bread.  I had a lot of bananas this time so I made two batches – one big loaf for Alex & I, and four small loaves to give away.
  • Met a new neighbor (Nikki) and her dog (Ollie).  She’s very nice!  We chatted for a while and made tentative plans to grill out sometime this weekend.
  • Made plans with Cody (friend from Iowa) for him & Phil to come over on Saturday evening to grill out & catch up.  It will be great to see them both again!  I haven’t seen Cody since March, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen Phil since June of 2007.  Exciting!!

Today I’m doing laundry – I love the smell of freshly-dried clothes when I’m folding.  I set up the card table in our guest room, and I might even get some scrapbooking done.

Beautiful days inspire me.  Oh, did I mention that the AC is off and the windows are open?  Love.


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